Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Stage

With the disappearance of both the high pitched whining and the spring cleaning somnabulant neighbors, I am free to focus entirely on my lack of work at the moment. And in this downtime, I thought I'd add some new pics to my website. Pics of plays I've performed in over the years.

Here's a link if you're interested. It was quite fun revisiting my old photo albums to pick out a few nostalgic shots. Not least because 2 of them feature the man who got my professional career into gear, the late great Bill Flynn. He introduced me to my first agent and I was fortunate to work with him on 3 occasions.

I miss Bill and the experience of being on stage. It was great to jump back in, albeit briefly, for the "50 Hour Drive-By" the other weekend. Stirred up my passion for performing. It's curious how rarely one gets to actually act in LA, since most time seems to be spent in the pursuit of work. Theatre instantly reminds one of what acting is about - the act of performing for other people. And there's nothing like the immediacy of a live play to bring it all home.

I'm hoping to get a picture from the recent festival, but in the meantime, here's a look at Gideon over the years. Try not to laugh...


  1. That was amazing! I tried not to laugh but seeing you dressed up as a woman made me lose it. XD
    It was real interesting to see all your looks through the years. I did a double take on Not the Midnight Mass photo though. Seeing you with your hair slicked back threw me off for a second. haha.

    Glad the high pitched noise went away. Now you need to focus on your sleep. XP

  2. I love the stage! (And I'm not an actor!) I just love the energy, intimacy and spontaneity of being in the audience of a great play that the actors really enjoy being in.

    The old stage pictures are so much fun! I love the picture for Midnight Mass, and I still wish I could've seen The Great Glendini!

    But how do you KNOW the high pitched whine is gone? Maybe you just can't hear it anymore? (Okay, that was mean. I apologize.)