Saturday, February 28, 2009

Suppressing the Urge

How does one suppress the urge to kill? Most of us take a deep breath. Try to think of something else for a moment. But what if you can't? What if the very thing that's driving that urge is a high pitched tone that starts and stops every 30 seconds? What if you can't do anything about that tone because it's so disturbingly high pitched that you cannot identify the source - and thus cannot shut it off?

What if your ears are extra sensitive through lack of sleep? What if you've been woken up every night between midnight and 5am for the past 5 nights, because your crazy neighbor decides to his "spring cleaning" at that hour?

What if your anger from the high pitched wine and lack of sleep is exacerbated by the quote from your mechanic who informs you that you need $1200 of repairs on your transmission? And what if you spent $500 on a new alternator only a week earlier?

Is it wrong to kill if the opportunity presents itself?

Is it?

What if....?


  1. Do you have a store nearby? There's a lot of stores that are using high pitched noises to supposedly deter teenagers from being in their stores too long. No one under 25 is supposed to hear the high pitched tone, but I know I can certainly hear it, and plenty of my 30-something and over friends can hear it. And I hate it. I can't stand high pitched noises.

    Is it a sound like this?

  2. Welcome to my world Gid!! *hugs*
    It's hard to suppress that urge isn't it? I sympathize with the lack of sleep, as for the high pitched frequency? *thinks* Well no, I get that too. Multiple people in class have that as a ring tone. Gives me the biggest headache and makes me want to smash your head into the desk or wall every time you get a new text message! :D
    I'm just a little crazy, I promise. I don't know where it could be coming from. MzHarts has a good thought though, if so that could be the cause. I've had a frequency like that come through my car radio too. o.0 (Another thought) It doesn't happen that often but, then again, I don't listen to the radio anymore.
    As for wanting to kill: Go for it! Just be sure to kill the really stupid people. Ex: if someone doesn't know the difference between Spain and Maine and they are above the age of 10 and do not have a mental problem... Slice! I'll make a deal with you too. I'll supply you with either daggers, a sword, or sais and you go and kill all you want. You just have to wipe away my DNA first. XD Actually, don't take the daggers... I need those for when I finally snap. >.<

    P.S. How much money have put into that car in the last 2 years!? This is getting beyond ridiculous. If you decide to get a new car sometime don't get a Twinkie car!

  3. What a shame you can't kill noises.
    In that case I would change my profession and become a contract killer.

  4. Two words: justifiable homicide