Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

What can I say? There's something very disturbing about this festival. Liberating, perhaps, but disturbing nonetheless...

That's me on the left, Scary Spice in the middle and William the soldier on the right. William's a real soldier. I'm not really a mullett and Scary's not really a woman. But you already knew that. My point is, Will's outfit doesn't count. He should've worn the Tina wig. Or a dress. Or at least some snappy glasses. That would be an outfit. But you can't just come as yourself. It may be my first ever dress-up Halloween, but I'm laying down the rules, people. I think it's fair. I mean, if I was a janitor, I couldn't come dressed in my overalls, now could I? Well, could I?

I suppose I could, but people would laugh. Or stare. For all the wrong reasons. Nobody laughed at the soldier. Maybe that's cos he said he was a marine. Come to think of it, maybe Will's outfit's juuuust fine. There. He can wear that 24-7-365 for all I care. I'll polish his shoes.

Well, maybe that's going too far. I might get him another beer, though...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wrapped at Last!

Finally returned to LA after nearly 6 weeks in New Jersey. The weather fought us, but we battled through and wrapped love story "Greetings From the Shore". Incredible cast and crew.

The fabulous, funny & talented Kim, laid back warmth of David, charming Ron, ever cool Lars, Captain Greg, Commander Gab, kick-ass Heather & Jason, super-talented Kaela, Kjerstin, PJ, Mary, Marilyn, Ande and the multitude of others - you will be missed!

As will the beautiful sunsets, deserted streets, poached eggs on raisin toast, Eckerds (the store that keeps on giving), beer & popcorn at Crab's Claw, picture postcard days and moonlit poker nights. Thanks for everything...

Thursday, October 6, 2005


In beautiful Lavallette, New Jersey for a month. Working on indie feature Greetings From the Shore, a coming of age love story. I'm playing Sasha, a gritty Russian migrant worker of sorts. Incredible location, but this place is a ghost town out of season. Shops closed, no cars on the road, empty houses. Quite bizarre. It feels like some airborne virus wiped everyone out, and I woke up to discover I'm the last one on the planet. Last night I walked to the bar in town for "karaoke EVERY wednesday!", only to discover it was empty and karaoke was cancelled. It was disappointing to say the least. There's only so much mini golf a grown man can play before he snaps...