Friday, January 18, 2008

A Big Thank You

Just a quick one to say thanks to all those who responded to my blog - it wasn't intended to stir anything up. Merely my candid observation of a fan machine at work (nothing I've encountered before). Rest assured, I've been doing this long enough not to take anything personally. I am quite happy being an average looking character actor - as that's afforded me a much wider range of roles than I might otherwise have had.

My blog is merely a mildly lucid ramble about whatever sparks my interest - be it traffic on the 405 or, in this case, the GH forums. It is great to see people feel so strongly about their TV. Whether they love it or hate, they're watching and opinionated. And it's healthy to have an opinion.

Thanks especially to those who rallied to my defense - you didn't need to, but I am touched. And it's good to know you're out there. May you all have a splendid weekend!

Faux Jax

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Temperatures Run High on General Hospital

It was not without trepidation that I stepped onto a soap set to fill in for an actor on ABC's General Hospital. Very much a baptism by fire as these guys work fast - really fast. Like one take fast. That's fast - in case I'm being vague. Nevertheless I had a blast temping for the role of Jax. I was curious to see what the fans thought (and by fans I mean GH fans, not my own - lol). So after a quick Google, found I had been roasted. It seems the GH viewers are very protective of their Jax - as one might expect, seeing as he's been on the show for years and years.

If any of you GH fans stop by here, be assured I did my best on short notice to fill in for one of your favorites. Yes I'd love to be taller and better looking, but hey - you'd probably like that for yourselves, too. And a special message to Chandler - no, my cheeks are not surgically altered. They are God-given. As is my ugly face (thank you Shanda, I will treasure that comment). If I was to alter anything, it would be my calves. I have small calves and hours in the gym have done little to help. There. That's me.

Oh, and let me say that the whole team at GH was fabulous, warm and inviting. A great bunch and a pleasure to work with. Though, if the forums are anything to go by, it doesn't look like I'll be making a come back anytime soon. Unless of course it's to play AJ, brought back from the dead (good suggestion, Stacy!)