Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wrapped at Last!

Finally returned to LA after nearly 6 weeks in New Jersey. The weather fought us, but we battled through and wrapped love story "Greetings From the Shore". Incredible cast and crew.

The fabulous, funny & talented Kim, laid back warmth of David, charming Ron, ever cool Lars, Captain Greg, Commander Gab, kick-ass Heather & Jason, super-talented Kaela, Kjerstin, PJ, Mary, Marilyn, Ande and the multitude of others - you will be missed!

As will the beautiful sunsets, deserted streets, poached eggs on raisin toast, Eckerds (the store that keeps on giving), beer & popcorn at Crab's Claw, picture postcard days and moonlit poker nights. Thanks for everything...

1 comment:

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