Thursday, February 12, 2009

50 Hour Drive-By Theatre Festival

It's been a while since I stepped on a stage and it's time to step things up. On stage. So to speak.

Bring on the 50 HOUR DRIVE-BY THEATRE FESTIVAL. A half dozen or so 10 minute plays are written, directed and performed in a speedy 2 days. It's crazy. It's foolish. It's downright dangerous! But I'm doing it, because there are other brave people out there, like Captain Sully, who landed his passenger-laden US Airways jet on the Hudson river. Why didn't he land on, well, land? Because he wanted a new experience, people. A new challenge. When asked by reporters why he settled on the Hudson river, the Captain proudly replied "Because it's there!"

Okay, he didn't say that, but you get the picture. Nothing like throwing yourself in the deep end. A lottery system determines which writers get paired with which actors and directors. It's all so gosh darn random - just like life. We actors get the script on the Friday night and rehearse non-stop until opening night the very next day! And while I have no clue as to the story or role, I can promise it will entertain. How could it not? Plus there's a super talented team of peeps on board.

Shows are at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in North Hollywood; Saturday 2/21 @ 8:30pm, Sunday 2/22 @ 2pm and Monday 2/23 @ 8:30pm. Oh yeah, and there's also live music. All for the bargain basement price of 15 smackeroos.


  1. That sounds like a blast! We did something like that at my school early in the year, very amusing. haha. Once again I can not escape the irony of your posts! This morning I asked myself if you would do theater out here sometime and low and behold I come home and read this. >.<
    The plot to get me down there to see the show is going to be the fun part. XD I'll think of something, I'm sure. I did for Train after all. ;) If you get some sort of creep role and hear someone trying not to laugh, it will probably be me. haha.

  2. Oh man, that's the type of stuff that I love!! I wish we did more things like that around here. Alas, we only have one stage company.

    On a different subject entirely, I'm currently listening to a mix CD that has your jazz standards along with some Sting. They fit nicely together. I vaguely remember something about you recording a Sting song. Wouldn't that go great in the mix? ;)

  3. This sounds like like my kinda theater. It's this weekend only!?
    Tell me where to go?

  4. hey anonymous - the address is on the flyer in the posting- 4850 lankershim blvd, north hollywood. see ya there!

  5. We did a 24 Hour Plays at our place once....what a rush!

    Take your're going to need them.