Monday, March 16, 2009

Very Close Now

You know how you have those feelings sometimes? Feelings that you're really close to getting something? Well, my landlord just informed me that I am "very close now" to getting parking in my building! The only catch is that I've been "very close" for the past 6 months. Before that, I was "number three on the list". He also said he saw me in both "the crocodile movie" and "the vampire".

Splendid. Maybe he'll be inspired to bump me up the list. Or not. Next month, he'll tell me "it was between you and another actor". This guy could have a career in casting. "We really liked you for the parking spot, but the plumber thought you were too creepy."

Thanks for the comments from those of you who watched my vamp stint. It was probably the most fun I've had on set to date. Coincidentally, my CSI:NY appearance aired earlier that day on Spike. Naturally, I discovered that after the fact. Probably just as well. A double dose of creepy Gid could cause irreparable damage.

Creepy or not, hopefully my next job is a little closer than my parking spot...


  1. Darn plumber. XD That would be nice to park in your own complex, I hope you get it next. When you do you should do an evil manical laugh in front of it. "Finally!" >.< I wonder if I will still have a spot if I get a new car. o.0 Good question me. I love CSI. You were great as usual. I didn't get to see it today but I've seen it multiple times.... especially if I am making a video.

    It is true what you say. A double dose of creepy Gid dose serious damage. I have a high CF because of you now! Well, it was pretty high before but now it... it's just crazy. o.0 For those of you who wish to stay normal... don't do it!! XD Off to scare little children on my way to the store. *evil smile*

  2. LOL...glad I logged in to see the "move". I think your parking spot may be a ways off yet. Sorry. :(
    Ponder this..meeting people (this is anyone; a store clerk, insurance agent, landlord, jockey...) is like an eternal first date. Dating has rules. Rule #5: NEVER be weird or creepy. People will spend the rest of the evening trying to figure out how to "get outta the bar" without giving you their number!
    LOL ;) Jez Kiddn' Ya Gid..Happy St. Patrick's