Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Western Stage & Eastern Screen

The 50 Hour Theatre Festival that I acted in a few weeks back was a blast. I got to tread the boards at Zombie Joe's Underground in a whirlwind get-your-script-and-learn-it-stage-it-perform-it-in-24hrs blitz. We had 3 performances and, all things considered, it wasn't too bad.

Here's a pic from our little piece, entitled Dr Lox. I played the good doctor, who seemed to be going through some kind of withdrawal. I say "seemed", because it was rather esoteric and my character (like the actor playing him) was quite unstable. The whole Zombie Joe's family are fabulous and my trusty fellow actors were Danielle Larson and Jeffrey Grin. Some fun wordplay, stylistic staging and physical performance. Good to scrape off the old theatre cobwebs!

In other news, a sci-fi thriller that I filmed a while back finally got a Japanese release. It looks pretty cool with the Japanese titles and has a great little trailer. You can check it out RIGHT HERE. Hopefully it will make its way stateside one day soon...


  1. You weren't an evil or creepy person this time. :D Glad you had fun Gid. Theater normally is a blast, especially with a responsive crowd.

    The Japanese pick up everything. ;) I love them for it! Bunch of movie fanatics, good or bad they will take it or make it. lol. I hear that "Train" has a release date in Japan in a few months as well (Thinking of your movies). 2 May, 2009 actually according to IMDB. Is it true? Only the Japanese (and a few others) know. o.0 I hope both movies make it to the theaters in the states though.

  2. The fella with the fish looks like George C Scott!

  3. The JP official site for Train is now up, if your interested. With a site up I guess it is going out into theaters after all. XP
    Planning a trip to Japan anytime soon Gid? haha.