Friday, March 27, 2009

Fake Cops and Real Detectives

Watching the news today, there was a report about a murder in Sherman Oaks, California. Then a detective came on to read a statement. Fair enough. Except, the detective in question wore a fedora as if he had stepped right out of the fifties. And the murder in question? Perpetrated by 3 guys posing as cops.

Ironic that the real detective reporting on fake cops looked every bit the fake cop himself. Or mafia hoodlum. I mean, he looks snazzy and hip but if he came to my door, I wouldn't buy him as a detective for a second! He's trying too hard. If I went in to an audition as a detective, wearing a hat like that, the casting director would shout "Next!". Or maybe he'd just comment "Nice hat" and then giggle to himself.

But what do I know? I'm the guy who wore a bathrobe to look like an Angel. Hahaha...


  1. Well..there you have it. He should have worn a bathrobe to the press conference! ha ha ha

    So how do we know that he isn't the murderer??

    Sure hope he wore brown shoes with that outfit!

  2. The bathrobe. XD Priceless.

    That detective... I would peg him for a mob boss if he didn't have the hat. $500 suit and a bunch of "power." o.0 He came to my door as he is there. I'd laugh my ass off then shut the door. I agree with Magicians Owl: Hope he wore brown boots with that outfit. ;)