Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Moonlight Shines Again

After some mindless surfing on the net, I stumbled upon the fact that Moonlight is screening on the Sci-Fi channel. For those of you who didn't catch me the first time, or anyone crazy enough to go for a second helping, 'my episode' of Moonlight is on Sci-Fi this Friday @9pm.

I thought it was a great little show that really didn't have a chance to build its audience. If you like a little romance and aren't scared of a little blood, then you won't be disappointed. Oh yeah, and if you like vampires, you'll like it too. Please be sure to watch beyond the opening scene execution, unlike some of my friends the first time around. I might be coming back...

When the only news is the state of the economy and supervillain-du-jour Octomom's new "octo-lair" (as Fox "News" calls it), don't you deserve a little fantasy escape? And what better day than Friday the 13th...


  1. I miss that show. :( It was really good, in my opinion but then again almost all the shows I love get canceled after about 13 episodes. For the record, you were amazing as the creepy cult leader, Shepherd. ;) Very high CF in that show. :P

    I will definitely watch it this Friday, even though I have the series on my computer... somewhere. Three cheers for the Sci-Fi channel!
    Ugh, no more octo-mom. She has way to many kids and I bet some of them are emotionally abused. Honestly, it is difficult showing the same degree of love, affection, and care between three kids and she has over what? Ten in total (from what I hear)? And living off of welfare? "Octo-lair" lol. The news tries too hard. >.< Like the last O-J trial. "Can the juice go to jail for life?"

  2. I think that was the best role I've ever seen you in. You've got creepy cult leader down pat! Hmm...

  3. So glad I checked the program guide. lol. Moonlight is on at 6 p.m. for me (so right now). I would have been quite perturbed if I turned to Sci-Fi at 9 only to find Battlestar Galactica. I always forget that I get satellite feed from the East Coast for most of my channels.

    "Hello sweetheart, I see you." XP
    Aww, commercials. Lame! It is weird to see it on TV again. o.0
    Show's back! *watches intently*

  4. I had never put two & two together to realize you were the extremely creepy Death Row guy turned by a priest in Moonlight. I really loved that show, and still can't believe they cancelled it.

    Holy monkeys, but your weird factor has just multiplied exponentially in my mind!

    How did the Drive-By Festival go?