Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks for the Calls!

Thanks to those of you who called in or just hung out during the interview the other evening. It was great getting to chat to some of you and I ended up laughing a great deal more than I have in a while. So thanks for that! Sorry to those of you who either couldn't or wouldn't get through. Still good to know you were there in spirit.

Not much to report from this end, except the usual bizarre variety of auditions - namely a Russian gangster, an Aussie experiment subject, an Icelandic businessman and an Angel. I'm thinking of playing the Angel in my own accent. (If I can remember what that is)

There have been requests for more photos, so here is a snap of me goofing around on set for upcoming horror movie Train. Yes, even with blood streaming down my face, I'm ready for the another round.

Or at least another take...


  1. I'm glad that the interview was fun and successful. ^_^ With the many accents I've seen you do, I'm a little curious as to what you really sound like. o.0 (I would have known if I was home for the interview. I was wondering why my brain kept telling me to “check the internet” that night.)
    As for the photo, it’s always nice to see you working on new projects. We all root for you! If your character dies in that movie, I bet you this will be my internal monolouge: “Why do all my favorite actors always die? I was really routing for Gid to make it though.” (I was rooting for you in Primeval too, but the character had to be a dork at the end. -_-)
    Anyway, best wishes on the auditions, Gid. Hope you nail one. ;)

  2. Thanks for the new's a start. My local library had a copy of Sorcerer's Apprentice, but this week someone stole it. Bastards.

  3. The interview sounds like it was a hoot! Just read about it now, otherwise would have phoned in. :-)

    Good luck with your auditions.

  4. Hey... where's the latest post? Alright I forgive you, you can even write about dead things if it makes you happy. I'll even settle for stupid street signs. Here's an idea, how about making a video post?