Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Love Winter

As Paris Hilton might say, "Summer is so hot!"

It's been unbearably, some might say unconstitutionally hot this year. And I'm over it. It was fun for perhaps a week, but that's it. I was bred for colder climes and my DNA simply cannot stand long and steamy days. Don't get me wrong - steamy can be good. Just not the solitary steamy kind of day, which saps one's energy before one's even left the house.

The heat aside, I've had a few interesting auditions. What do you wear as an Angel? You can't very well wear jeans. Nor can you wear a simple white shirt, as what pants do you put on? Black pants will make you look like a waiter and anything else just looks casual. And casual just isn't angelic.

What did I wear? A bathrobe. Yes, folks, a plush white bathrobe and flipflops. Pretty darn sneaky I thought. Until I stepped out of the car and worked up a rich and rewarding sweatiness. Nothing like a rosy cheeked glow for your audition. The casting director even decided to take a photo of "the first time anyone's come to see me in a bathrobe". Wonderful. Scratch that one.

Otherwise, I've read for a bank robber (role), a janitor and a house of horror host. I'm hoping one of these things will pan out. If not, I'll be off to New Jersey next week for Greetings From the Shore, the award-winning coming-of-age indie which opens on the East coast. I play one of a group of foreign busboys who provide the menace and, ultimately, romance for this postcard to summer holidays. Check out more details HERE


  1. I sympathize with you about the heat Gid. I may have lived in the mountains for only year when I was 5, but it changed my heat tolerance level quite a bit. Anything above 70°F, I can’t stand. -_-
    I could see you as any of the roles you auditioned for but... you really went to the angel audition in a bathrobe!? *Laughs* You have no idea how much that made me laugh when i read that. Only you could pull that off at an audition though. ;) Hope you get that one at least! haha! However, if you randomly appear in one of dreams like that… I’m getting you back… someday. O.0
    Well, I am glad that you got a new role. :D The plot and cast (aside from you) for “Greetings From the Shore” really caught my attention. A shame it won’t be out here on the West coast. :(

  2. OMG I needed that laugh today! Thanks! That's just too funny about you showing up in the bathrobe for your angel audition. ROFL!!

    The heat and humidity usually hits hell-like conditions here in Toronto too, though, mercifully, not this summer.

    Yes, "Greetings from the Shore" sounds intriguing...

  3. Hey, I was browsing your imdb profile and found out something interesting...although it's a few days late, Happy Birthday, Giddy:)

    Just a quick FYI: Aside from the standard birthday traditions (cake, presents, balloons, partying, birthday spankings) there's also a tradition that you respond to e-mail that's been sent to you via gmail around the time of August the 24th.


    Mac Cat of the Order of Ambrosia

    PS: Hopefully I'm not coming off as desperate or anything to that effect...