Saturday, September 20, 2008

You Looked Better on MySpace

And who doesn't, right?

Well, me for one. I am one of only 26 humans who is not on MySpace. Neither am I on Facebook anymore, after tiring of downloading a new application every time someone sent me a message - only to discover that it's a blanket message, that I've been "bitten by a zombie" or been given a picture of a gift?!

Much happier here in blogland, where I can drop a line to everyone (and no-one) if and when the impulse strikes. Today, I was cruising through some photos and spotted this gem - clearly a Banksy or Banksy rip-off. Either way, thoroughly amusing. I took the snap last year somewhere in LA. Don't recall the location.

If only taggers were more creative, instead of scrawling gibberish that only they can understand. I'm sure they consider their skills somewhat artistic. I wish they could raise the bar a little. One of the more recent "street exhibits" I saw, was a murky white scrawl across the windows of Doughboys on Highland. Day after day, I would drive past and day after day, the writing remained. It appeared to have been drawn in glue and was clearly (sorry) indelible. A few weeks later, Doughboys closed down.

Were the taggers responsible? Were they demanding ransom in exchange for their top secret tag-removal solvent? Who knows? But within days, another, almost identical place had opened up. Same tables. Same chairs. Same food? Hopefully not.

As some of you may recall, the breakfast Doughboys served me... How shall I put it? Oh, why not? It sucked eggs.

Maybe taggers aren't all bad...


  1. I agree with you about MySpace Gid. I deleted mine about 4 months ago actually. That decision was partially made due to the fact that my computer kept getting "AIDS" (my lovely term for computer viruses and spyware, get certain types and there is no cure! o.0) every time I logged in. In fact, the only reason I have a blog is because my family constantly bugs me about goings-on in my life.

    *sigh* Taggers. Irritating in my opinion. I bet the taggers are charging for a "tag-removal solvent." (That stuff is hard to get off walls!) All the more ways for them to make a profit and continue their antics of property claiming and distruction. *laughs* I was just ranting about this in my essay a few minutes ago. XD Then again if they helped a place like Doughboys go out of business... I give them props. haha.

  2. I agree, I'm burnt out on MySpace and Facebook too. I still have them because I have some friends that do everything there. Personally, I wish all my friends had blogs instead. I'd rather know what they are doing as opposed to how big their fake mafia is. (That sounds like an euphemism, doesn't it?)