Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All Aboard as Train gets a Premiere!

Horror movie Train finally pulls into the station - the Graumann's Mann Chinese station, that is. Next month on October 16th, the blood will be spilled at ScreamfestLA, which, as you might correctly guess, is not a festival of romantic comedies.

In Train, a college wrestling team travelling abroad unwittingly boards the wrong train. A train that will take them any destination but safely home. I play the role of Willy, who within minutes, wishes he'd stayed on the platform. I have to admit that I was quite appalled by some of the gore while we were shooting. Yes, I knew I was making a horror and I had read the script. But the extent and graphic nature of the violence seemed unprecedented. If Hostel stepped over the line, then Train plows right through it.

It's a premiere, but no invite-only giftbag garbage. Just popcorn and Pepsi. (Sadly Mann's doesn't do Coke) So, if you like a little flesh and blood for dinner, be sure to book tickets soon, as they're bound to go quickly. Then head on over to Graumann's at 9pm on Thursday 16 October.

I'll be the one crouching in the back with the baseball cap pulled low...

(By the way, if you really want to milk the train experience, you could always catch the subway to Hollywood and Highland - and Graumann's mere steps away)


  1. I really hope my friend and I will have the money to go. :( (fairly sure we will) I have actually been waiting for information on this premiere for... well simply put, a long time. So, thank you! Horror movies are the best! I will be sure and tell my friend to expect a lot of carnage though. o.0 It's really that bad? I never saw Hostel but... that film freaked out even my friends who laugh at that kind of thing, that's saying something.

    You don't want to mingle Gid? You'll just hide in the back? My friend and I extend a hand of friendship and humor (talk about a comedy duo), if you are ever tired of being "that guy in the back." As for milking the train experience... I think I will drive. Just to be sure that we will make it there. *laughs* Don't want to get on the wrong train now do we? 0.o

  2. But that's out in California! I have waited and waited, and now I will have to wait some more til it's out on dvd. How about you make me a pirated copy? LOL You are already dressed for the part!