Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So I was taking a stroll the other day and noticed a new sign near my apartment building. Ah, that's handy. Now I know where to lurk if I'm looking for drugs!

One must assume however, that the sign is intended as a deterrant. But, seeing as the druggie hotspot is a mere 20 yards from a police station, I find it highly unlikely that it's gonna do anything. Except generate new business. If the local cops can't get it together to arrest the criminals outside their front door, I'm sure that a sign will do the trick.

I shouldn't really expect more of my local cops. There's been a severed electric cable dangling over the sidewalk not 50 yards from their office and that took 2 weeks for them to notice. Not to repair, mind you, or tuck out of the way of the general public. Nope, all they managed was to wrap a length of yellow tape around it. Super. That'll stop us from getting fried.

In the meantime, I hear the guys are holding a collection for the druggies' new TV ad. Come on now, pony up...


  1. Where can I get one of those? License plates reported to the police...and what? Do you actually think the police are going to find the registered owner, ring your doorbell (but officer I wasn't driving my vehicle on the night in question) and charge you with.. ah, ah, nevermind. It was a grand idea to post it next to the police station.

  2. You would think that our tax dollars would go towards something better than this. *sigh* "Oh, but our job is so hard!" Stated the officer. They like to pull people over for imaginary U-turns while the people that are having a shoot out and selling their "products" are a block down the street. Good job guys.

    That sign is just for show and scare. They really won't do anything, I guarantee it. Cop 1: "Maybe if we put up this sign we can sit on our butts longer and do nothing!" Cop 2: "Good idea! That outta scare them. Want to go get food instead of stopping those two over there kill each other?" Cop 1: "Yeah. Alright."

    They are far too “busy” to go and catch people for selling. (even if it is on their doorstep.) It really took them 2 weeks to notice that electrical cable, Gid?

  3. I think this is a far more effective sign to post near a police station! LOL

    Refinished Sign