Monday, August 4, 2008

The Undead are Cool

Really, they are. Especially when they're possessing hand crafted wooden dolls. Yup, I did my ADR session for ABC's The Middleman this morning and have to say I'm pretty excited to see this show. It may be on the family channel, but we played with some scary voices for my little character, appropriately named "Little Vladdy".

There's nothing like having the freedom to 'go there' with a character. Like Balthier, this guy can be charming and confident. Unlike Balthier, he has a rather strong murderous bent. Too much fun.

The Middleman airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC Family. My episode's in a fortnight, August 18th and titled, rather splendidly, The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation.

I'm not sure if it's we or the vampires who should lament, but I certainly feel a tinge of sadness at my ordinary teeth.

Incisor envy can be ugly...


  1. Yeah, I guess sharper, longer teeth could be cool..but think of the down sides. If you've ever bitten your lip or cheek accidently, now you'd be putting actual holes through your skin! It'd be really hard to drink wine from a wine glass without dribbling it all over yourself, which most women might tell you, its not exactly a "suave and debonair" look. Fangs may actually boost your CF factor 25!
    LOL I don't know if the world could handle it? Do you?

  2. That sounds FABULOUS! I can't wait to see it!

    There is something powerful about having a couple extra-pointy teeth. Personally I find it charming, but I'm weird like that. For most people, I'd have to agree with The Magicians Owl, it probably would increase the CF.

  3. As an afterthought, fangs might incur more injuries than a chipped tooth while biting a nail...

  4. I can't wait to see the demented little puppet! (I was right! it was ABC Family.)

    Awww, you don't have fangs? On IMDB it says you are playing Vlad the Impaler, one would think that fangs would be a requirement. Oh well, you will get a role with fangs one day just wait. Gideon Emery with fangs... Like The Magicians Owl said can the world handle that? Full details after I watch the episode. :P

  5. If I had known there were such a thing as incisor envy, I never would have filed mine down! Yes, I have before and after full face shots to prove it, unlike the montauk monster..and I happen to be alive ~ bonus plan!