Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back from the Dead on Monday

Dear old Vlad the Impaler returns from the grave to terrorize small-town USA in this week's episode of The Middleman. Each week, the entrepid team of Wendy Watson and Middleman battle "alien evils for the world's most ludicrously secret organization". As you might have guessed, the Middleman's tongue is firmly in-cheek, which makes for splendidly silly capers and delightfully daft villains.

This week's episode, The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation, has the team after a pair of possessed puppets. If you've always wanted to see me in puppet form (and, to be fair, who hasn't?), be sure to tune in this Monday night at 10pm on the Family channel. Alternatively, you can watch episodes online at ABC FAMILY. Just click SHOWS and go from there.

In other news, I was flattered to discover a fan video online, with clips of numerous projects I've worked on in the States, set to some edgy German industrial music. If you wanna catch Dhampir Vampire's handiwork, check it out HERE.

It's pretty darn cool, even if I say so myself.


  1. I am glad you liked that video Gid. (Hi! I am Dhampir Vampire.) To be perfectly honest, I didn't think you would actually take a look at it! I tried to find more clips to use but you are a fairly difficult man to find when it comes to video clips. *sigh* It made my day when I saw you commented though, especially since 3 hours earlier I had broke the right mirror on my Camry and I was feeling like crap for doing so. (And if you need help with showreels, like I said before, all you need to do is ask and I'll be more than happy to do so.)

    Anyhow, if for some reason I am not home, I do have The Middleman set to record on my satellite DVR/TiVo. I can’t wait to see you in demonic puppet form! However as soon as you appear as Vlad the Impaler… I’m not going to lie, I will probably laugh at the moustache. It just doesn’t work for you. *holds in laugh* But I’m sure your performance will be wonderful, as it usually is :)

  2. I have to agree with Bree. Based on the picture you showed before, the mustache just isn't you.

  3. What is there to say? Your part was way to short, though I did laugh after it was over. Then again, the entire show was boiled over into absurd. It was the first time I watched Middleman and have to admit, it totally sucked. Just when it started getting interesting, the lead lady would open her mouth and blow the entire scene. You should have killed her. Thanks for the torture Gid, and welcome to the dark side.