Monday, November 24, 2008

Help Save Gideon

I saw a heartwarming story on the news last night about a German Shepherd dog that was hit by a car. His name is Gideon and he has 6 months of painful recovery ahead of him. If you can spare a few bucks for the cause, please visit Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.

In addition to Gideon, they have dozens of dogs looking for adoption. Each dog has a bio and photos. Some even have video to show you their personality. You can't help but fall in love.

I would adopt a dog myself, except I live in a tiny apartment and that's really not fair for a big dog. But having gown up with a German Shepherd, I can say they are loyal friends who, given love and attention, will protect you to the end.


  1. Oh, poor thing! Payday's Friday...

  2. What sweet babies! I have such a heart for animals... it's always so hard for me to go to rescue houses or places like that, because I always want to take them all home with me.

  3. Ahhh cute dog reminds me of my own dog. Such a shame.

    Denna xx

  4. Now I really wish I lived in a house... or an apartment that allows pets. I would take a dog if I could, German Shepherd is my favorite breed too. I want to help so badly. :( I am honestly broke and I don't have a job. (Curse you 1991... and school. -_-)

    Hmmm... *thinks harder on someway to help*

    Oh, maybe if I get an extra job on Greek I can donate money. o.0 All the more reason for me to go to the audition tomorrow! Must save the puppies!!!!! *jumps out of the computer chair and runs out of the room*

  5. I heartily agree...Gideon needs saving.

  6. Aw, the poor guy. :-(

    We had to put our golden retriever down a few months ago. It breaks your heart.

    I'm supporting a local shelter whenever I can.

    Good for you, Gideon, raising awareness of these wonderful creatures.

  7. I visited Gideon today. He's doing well. The staff at Alicia Pet Center in Mission Viejo is wonderful. They let me pet him and take his picture. I wish I could adopt him, but I'm a flight attendant and I'm gone too much. I pray he finds a good home. He's so sweet. Thank you for bringing attention to this story.