Sunday, November 16, 2008

Driven Round the Bend

I was on my way to Simi Valley (who isn't, these days), when my car started making very strange noises. Grinding noises. Metal on metal noises. It sounded like the vehicle was in pain. Excruciating pain. I limped along, as the car lost power and barely made it my destination.

After a rewarding trip to the garage, I was told I needed a new transmission mount. I believed the mechanic, as he showed me the black gunky rubber thing (the mount) was looking particularly gunky and degraded. There was barely anything left. Leaving trusty mechanic Simon to the task, I ventured off on my bike for a long coffee, only to be informed I also needed new engine mounts. Seeing as I had been told as much before, I bit the bullet and gave him the go-ahead.

I know car repairs aren't cheap, but I was a little excited by Simon's initial quote of $100. Sadly, it was not to be and the grand total soared dangerously close to the value of my entire vehicle - which isn't very much but still stings. As I drove away, thinking the car felt much the same, I felt as if I had paid good money for a beating.

Perhaps I should have anticipated that when I took my car to S&M...

And perhaps this car story, like the car itself, is getting old.


  1. cars are rapidly becoming the bane of my existence, and I feel your pain. I also experienced a sharp sting of horror when I saw the bright yellow paint job on that old Benz at the shop that wiped out your bank account!

    Perhaps it's being driven by the "Apollo" of S&M Apollo... yellow IS appropriate for an oil-spattered sun god!

  2. Yes I think you need a new car, If you are going to spend that type of money on it.

    Good Luck with your car.

  3. Your poor, poor car. You need to find yourself a really trustworthy mechanic, my dear!

  4. Whats a smog test.?
    And changing the subject,
    Are you going to put anymore funny videos on utube?
    Pretty Please.

    Denna xx

  5. Thanks, Carly, but I think the source of the trouble is less mechanic and more mechanical. The guys fixing the car are simply applying band aids to a dying patient. The fate is inevitable.

    Lyn - in South Africa, police cars are yellow. There's some useless trivia. Yellow is a fairly hideous color for a car, IMO. Also, I read somewhere that people who drive yellow cars are sexual deviants. Hard to forget.

    Although, 2 ex girlfriends of mine drove yellow cars and they were both pretty normal. Maybe I should see if that Benz is for sale...

  6. I feel bad... for your car and your wallet. XD I sympathize on the issue of the car though. Maybe it is time to find a new car. :( You should take the black Benz right next to the yellow one. Less harsh on the eyes.

    Thanks for the trivia fact by the way. One more piece of information to randomly give out when ranting about law enforcement (or lack of really). I have to agree that yellow is a hideous color for a car. Every time I drive by one I cringe and just have to ask myself or the passengers in the car, "Why do people enjoy driving a giant Twinkie down the street"? It is really is a Twinkie when you have a white person driving the car. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. >.<
    As for the sexual deviant comment. Thanks for that, if I ever walk down the street I'll be sure to avoid as many yellow cars as humanly possible. XP

  7. Hah! Now whenever I see a yellow car, it's going to make me giggle. I question your sources. :P

  8. I suppose that when a police car is that shade of yellow, they don't really need a siren!

    Or all the SA police deviant?


  9. *scratches yellow corvette off of dream car list*

    If it makes you feel any better, I've been there. From 1998 to 2001, I owned 6 cars. One of them was a minivan (ick) that I trusted my stepdad to test drive for me. The first time I drove it, the transmission went out. We ended up limping that van along for a month until it died.

    But, the van wasn't the car that died the quickest. I had one car that lasted an hour. The temperature gauge was broken. I drove it to the movie theater, and I didn't know that it overheated on the way there. Of course, it overheated on the way back as well, the steam condensed, water mixed in with the oil, and the engine seized.

    Some people say the extended warranty is a waste of money. Those people haven't had my history with cars.