Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beards and Beds - Part III

In what I hope to be the conclusion to a rather dull series of posts, I offer you this snap of me from recent flick, Bone Deep. (Note the nasty looking tats) Yes there is a beard. No, the bed is not in the picture. Actually, things have improved and I seem to be sleeping better on the "Hollywood". However, that may be due to a tiring day on set and not the sudden improvement of aforementioned sleep apparatus.

That is all I have to share. Commenting on my lack of scintillating subject matter merely gives the illusion of juicy content and an extra paragraph can only improve upon a mere 3 line blog entry.

Or not. See how easily I added a third paragraph - almost without you noticing. Alright, that's really it. I may have bumped my head yesterday. I'm not making sense to myself, which means anyone else may quite possibly be reduced to a gibbering monosyllabic mantra by the time they're done reading this---------


  1. The beard makes you look like a Gangster/hood, I Would not like to meet you in a dark alley, lol.
    And your hair looks a darker shade

    Gobbledy gook and puddingham pie,
    Jumminy cricket and mud in your eye.
    Jeepers creepers and golly gosh,

    Oh dear now look what you have done to me with your post. (lol)

    Denna xx

  2. I know I asked for a picture, but I feel you owe me a new shirt due to the stain from the coffee I just dribbled down my chin.

    I'm not a big fan of beards, but you certainly pulled it off well.

  3. *looks at the post date* Oh! That's why I was brain dead yesterday. XD I couldn't even form, much less comprehend, sentences yesterday.
    Now after reading this, I have no idea what is going on anymore... and I just spilled the rest of my drink in my lap. -_- Your mouth is above your chin right? lol.

    As I said before, you don't look bad with a beard. Like mzhearts, not fond of them but you pull it off nicely I suppose.
    Hey! Primeval is on TV... wait. *checks IMBd* You are not supposed to be on TV. o.0 Your work likes to sneak up on me all the time. You know what? Defiance! I am going to play Final Fantasy XII now. (Not really defiance than is it? From one of your projects to the next. XP) Must complete the sky pirate's den! I have Primeval on DVD anyway. ;)

    Glad your having better sleep on "Hollywood" *giggle* (The name is ironic it makes me laugh.) Let's hope it stays that way.

    Before I finished posting this, I just had a random conversation with my father. Both he and I were speaking utter nonsense and gibberish. Thanks Gid. Gibberish prediction ended up being true after all. :P

    - Bree

  4. o.0 Are you keeping an eye on the fires?

    It is really bad where I am, I can barely see a block down the street and ash is falling all over the place. I have a build up of ash in my lungs right now too so I am trying not to talk. People are being moved down here to Covina from other shelters that have been evacuated or burned.

    Dare I ask, but how are things in L.A. right now? Not much better I take it? The upside: they say the fire is 30% contained. 4 Days and only 30% contained...

  5. Oh my fault, the fire 10 miles away from me in Diamond Bar is 0% contained. I have no where to go if we end up evacuating. :( The Sylmar fire is the one that is 30% contained.

  6. wrtzt pdjiw skjiew klakkjfwdel! o wait, that was two syllables.

  7. Bree, be safe!!

    Now see, that wasn't so bad, was it Gid? :P I like it, but then again I'm a fan of beards. The wifebeater makes me giggle a little, though.