Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beards and Beds - Part II

After finally getting clearance from the movie, I was given the go-ahead to shave off my beard, which I promptly did. Hooray. Then discovered the director of a recent TV audition wanted me to keep it. Too late, she cried. I was promptly instructed to grow it back, but 3 weeks' growth cannot be compressed into a few days. Nevertheless, I scored the gig, a guest role on Eleventh Hour starring Rufus Sewell. Caught a couple episodes and it's a great new series. Kinda like the X-Files meets House, but without the supernatural element. Rufus plays a scientific advisor to the FBI and is minded by a female agent, played by Marley Shelton. The two of them do feel rather Mulder and Scully and each show's medical case demands brilliant out-the-box thinking to solve.

On the bed side of things (I sleep on the left), I ordered my new mattress, aptly named Hollywood. I kid you not. Like its namesake, it performed well opening weekend and then fell off the charts. I dunno what happened. After a couple nights of long forgotten rest, I awoke to the same, and now increasing, back pain. Great. That'll teach me for buying a budget bed. Bollocks. Now I'm gonna have to cough up for my 3rd mattress this year, plus more chiro. That's seriously messed up.

I was hoping the beard and bed might be related. IE: shaving the beard = improved sleep. But no dice. Two things that cheered me up, however (aside from the TV gig) - I got to voice a role in the new Terminator game and autumn has finally arrived in LA. Which means cooler temps and a warm sun hanging low in the sky. Which always makes me feel good. We actually feel a change of season after nearly 9 months of blissfully hot (read: unbearably boring) summer. I know, I'm blessed to be living in California, but I wasn't built for desert climes. It's those English genes, you see. Nothing nicer than a brisk walk in the brisk air.

Well, maybe a brisk walk in the brisk air with a beautiful woman.

Oh yeah - and a single malt.


  1. I have to agree, English genes take a severe beating in the California heat. Try having Norwegian genes,.. even better! I sympathize with those being built for climes that would freeze the fur off a huskey and yet call California home..even when it's 132F in the shade! California autumns..(for all their short-lived weeks) are the best!!

    Ya know..the back problem all seriousness, you may want to find a good massage therapist, or attempt to figure out which back muscles are being overworked, overdeveloped, or stressed to much.
    On the flip side, if you don't want to pay for a therapist..find a beautiful sculptress,..sculptors have very strong fingers, ..artistic, sensitive touch for varying massage depths..and in 4 days you'll be as good as new!
    *wink Hahaha

  2. I agree with you on the English gene subject as well. -_- I may have been born and raised here in Southern California, but the heat kills me. I am always glad about "winter" in California... at least the temperature drops down to 80 degrees F! haha! It is somewhat better, I suppose. I don't know about you Gid, but I already miss the rain.

    The back problem returns huh? I'm so sorry to hear that Gid. Having to go out and buy a third mattress. *shakes head* I would give you one from the show, however it is nothing more than wood and cardboard. Not very comfortable I'm afraid. :P
    If I dare ask, is the back pain in the upper or lower back? Most people tend to retain their stress in the lower region so, with that being said, don't overwork yourself. I agree with magicians owl, a massage therapist would be a good choice. Believe me they work wonders! I used to go once a week but, rehearsals have gotten in the way. That's alright though, if it's in an area I can reach, I end up working out the knots myself. Massage therapy and stress relief were key points once a month in beginning dance. ;) Like magicians owl said too, a sculptress might be able to help. XD In more ways that one, free massage therapy and a pretty woman. Now all you would need is the malt. :D

    Congrats on the gigs, by the way!
    Feel better. :)
    - Bree

  3. I can't wait to see you in that TV gig! I've never seen Eleventh Hour, but I'm a huge fan of both X-Files and House.

    I'm sorry your back is still bad, sweetie. I definitely agree with the other girls, you need to find a pretty woman to work out those tense muscles.

    PS: I think I speak for the class when I say... we all still want to see pictures of said beard!!

  4. I have very English genes as I have never left this side of the water.
    How I would love to live in LA,
    with the weather you get as its always so cold here, Even in the summer months its mostly tepid. It would freeze a monkeys *** off.
    Now about your back I would suggest you get one of your friends to rub lavender oil in to your back, It works wonders or Heatpads are another way of helping with back pain. I would offer But I am a bit to far way lol. (I am not beautiful, But I have got the Malt.) rofl.
    Seriously hope your back feels better soon.

    Denna xx

  5. Thanks for the offers of wandering fingers - lol. As for snaps of the dodgy beard, Carly, my Oct 2 post has a pic. That may be all anyone will see until 2010. Maybe...

  6. Wow, you guys can all have this cold weather. And right now, I'm lucky that I've got rain and 38 degrees, I have friends to the north that were snowed in already this year! Blech, I'll take your desert heat over this cold stuff any day!

  7. LOL...Mr. Emery cracks me up..always the polite politician!! Notice he said he thanks us for offers..and yet never accepted an offer! *wink

    Never denied one either!

    :) LOLOL

  8. Lol, your Naughty Magicians Owl.

  9. *shakes head and laughs* Naughty indeed. >.<

  10. Gid's secret hoard of naughty fangirls? Hey, I think it's got a ring to it.

    And I'd forgotten about that one, Gid. It's not bad! Personally, I'm a fan of scruff.