Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Scarf in Summer

The weather has been warming up nicely and what better way to welcome in the summer, than by scarfing down an entire roll of Oreo cookies? To be fair, I only had half. Half a roll. Well, half of two rolls. I may even have had more than half of one or both, which means I may have scarfed more than a roll. Alone. In one sitting. Well, I was standing with a friend. But it was a single session. Of excess.

I don't even like Oreos. I think I've only eaten them once or twice before. Well I certainly made up for it tonight. And shoot me now if they weren't the most delicious thing I've tasted in 2009. What's worse is that I vaccuumed up a turkey panini in between the two rolls. Or two halves. Whichever way you look at it, it isn't pretty. That's like having dessert, followed by an entree, followed by another helping of dessert. Disgusting. And yet so very very good.

I've never been a big eater, but I may be changing. These days, I can't go to bed without a jam sandwich. Hey - I eat it, I don't snuggle with it! This is how obesity starts. I might be preparing for a new movie role. Yeah, that sounds good. "I'm bulking up for a feature". Sounds better than "I just can't stop shoving crap in my face". Jared Leto reportedly gained 60 pounds for Chapter 27. Pa! Gimme a couple more weeks and I'll be ready for Chapter 28. I think I have my dodgy 90210 glasses lying around here somewhere...



    On the serious side, you could do with a few wouldn't be such a bad thing! It would definitely make you not so hauntingly creepy. *wink

    Hoppy Easter!!

    The Magicians Owl

  2. No... NOT THE CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!!!! o.0 I agree with Magicians Owl, a few pounds would be good but don't go crazy like Leto. haha.
    Dang! I wish I would have saved you a batch of my cupcakes now. With comments along the lines of, "I would make love to this" (creepy) from everyone that ate them. I take it that they must have been damn delicious. ;) Want a batch? haha. (Helps to keep me busy. :P)

    Happy Easter!