Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost in Trainslation

The Japanese website for horror movie Train has a new trailer. A little different to the first one. It also has a very brief (2 person) cast biography. The still shot above shows me trying to decifer it, without success. Eventually, after gaining naught apart from a blank stare and some bleeding from the temple, I thought I'd try an online service to see what they said about me.

I think it may have lost a little in the translation...
I am from the U.K. and will emigrate to the Republic of South Africa later. In the days of a student, I take the audition of a professional theatrical company and start a career as the actor triggered by it. I repeat a career as a comedian, a singer. For a movie star TV movie "Rhodes" of the BBC production96), "TheSorcerer 'sApprentice"02), "GloryGlory"There are 04), TV movie [red water / shark hell]. I play the leading part in [the marsh of the カニング・キラー massacre] (07) by a guest-shot, the movie in [24] popular TV series, [CSI: New York] after emigration in Los Angeles.

Couldn't have said it better myself! And now I am off to hunt down one of my recent appearances in a little gem called The Marsh of the カニング・キラー Massacre. I hear it's like The March of the Penguins...

Only different.

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  1. haha. Online translators never get it spot on. XD

    I looked it up and 『カニング・キラー 殺戮の沼』 is actually Primeval. haha. Well in essence March of the Penguins and Primeval were about animals. :P The Penguins killed people right? They killed many with their cuteness!! o.0 That is worst kind of killing.

    Anyway, let's see if I can be of assistance for the translation: *puts on a playlist of 倖田來未 (Koda Kumi) and 後藤真希 (Maki Goto) on Windows Media Player*

    Site Translation"GIDEON EMERY: Your name in Japanese is here (Willy)

    He was born in England and later immigrated to the Republic of South Africa. He auditioned for a professional theater company while he was a student, which started his career as an actor. He also became known as a comedian and a singer. As a film actor he can be seen in the BBC TV production of "Rhodes" (96), "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (02), "Glory Glory" (04) as well as the TV movie Red Water/Hell Shark. After moving to Los Angeles, he has had cameos on the popular TV series 24 and CSI: New York and has starred in the film Primeval."

    So yeah... that's about it and in proper English. :D That took a lot out me. Good Night to you all.