Friday, April 24, 2009

Gid is now on Twitter

After boring untold dozens on a near weekly basis, it is time to take things to the next level. I have joined the Twitterati and now have a Twitter account. You (all 4 of you) can now follow me as gid72 on Twitter.

I like the idea of Twitter - a real time update, where each entry must be kept to 140 characters. I like compact. I like brief. Even now, I am, struggling to come up with anything meaningful to share. After today's rather rough voice session, I am left speechless in both word and print. (I think I experience mild brain atrophy after such gigs) So with that said, I will leave you to a well earned weekend.

Tweet tweet!


  1. I keep hearing a lot about Twitter lately. It seems like it has become the new MySpace.

    Are you still going to be writing this blog?

  2. LOL No, Incognito... I think he's "Twitterpated".


  3. Noooooooooo! Gid, I only just found you. I’m losing you already to the latest pop culture telecommunications phenomenon? It’s taken me nine years to drag myself kicking and screaming into the new millennium – MySpace, Facebook, blogging. Damn you, Twitter! Life is so unfair. The internet is so unfair. The universe…

    What? You’re not abandoning the blog?

    Um, nevermind. ;)