Sunday, April 19, 2009

Barely Functioning

This morning, I poured cereal into my coffee cup. Do I prefer it that way? No. Am I on a strict diet? No. Am I having a stupid day? Quite possibly. What joys are in store for me, after starting the day like this? Only time will tell...and this blog.

It could be the pineapple juice I had last night. With vodka. There was a time when I was drinking fit. I could have a couple of beers, multiple shooters and still conduct a lucid conversation and (irresponsibly) get home. That time is long gone. I simply don't train any more. I barely drink twice a month, so when I do, it's a strain.

As with any exercise, a warm-up is essential if you're going to push heavy. Start with a Rock Shandy or light beer, perhaps. After that, you're ready to ease into a few sets of Guinness or white wine spritzers. Then (and only then) should you attempt your heaviest reps of clear liquors. Or go for a one rep maximum with a straight-up shot of Tequila or Jack Daniels.

Now I will take my leave and finish cleaning up the kitchen after pouring an espresso onto a side plate. It was all going well until I tried to add the sugar...


  1. Hmm...kind of funny on the outside..not so funny on the inside.

    Well cheer up Gid because there is always tomorrow!!!

    And tomorrow is MONDAY!!! :D Yeah!

    uh...wait a minute

    The Magicians Owl

  2. It's all good. lol. It is funny on the outside but then again I shouldn't be talking.
    After being scared awake by one of my friends texting me at 9 in the morning just to say, and I quote, "WAFFLES!!!!" I kissed my sleep in day good bye and tried to get myself something to eat. I put my cereal in the fridge, the milk on top of the fridge, and I put my green tea in with the oatmeal. Tea has water in it right? Then the cereal ended up on a plate (not the container of choice for cereal). How that happened I have no idea. And I don't drink or do drugs. haha.
    Did I ever take the Marshmallow Mates out of the fridge? o.0 I know I put the milk back in.....

    Cheer up Gid, today will better I'm sure. Although I'm running late for school by a whole 15 minutes.... wait a second... *runs out of the house*