Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock n Roll

"Are you okay?" asked Josh on the telephone. "Uh...yeah..?" I replied, oblivious to the fact I had just lived through my first earthquake. I swiftly turned on the TV to learn that a 5.4 quake had rocked (or more accurately, gently shook) Los Angeles about an hour earlier. I felt disappointed I had missed out. Then I thought back...

At 11H45 I was in my car, driving back home from a meeting and stopped at a traffic light. I had just picked up my car, which hadn't been driven for a couple weeks, so was happy it started after a few attempts. As the car idled, I felt as if I had been rear-ended and quickly looked up in the rear view mirror, but the car behind was a good few feet away. My car felt like it did a roll from left to right, almost as if someone had given it a firm push with their hands. I figured it must have been a strong gust of wind. The light went green and I moved on and forgot about it until Josh's call.

Well, glad it wasn't serious and that, as reports indicate, there were no casualties and little damage. Had I been on my bike, however, I would probably have wobbled, fallen over and embarrassed myself (more than usual). It does bring home the fact that I do live in an earthquake zone and should probably get myself an emergency kit should a real quake hit.

The real upside (for me, at least) is that, minutes later, I got an audition, followed by another 2 castings. Nothing like a quake to shake up an otherwise quiet week!


  1. Glad to know that nothing bad happened in L.A. That earthquake really gave me a jump, it was the first one I was ever awake for! Not to mention I live about ten miles away from the center of that quake. :( My bed fell off the box spring with me still in it. (laughs)

    It is a good thing that earthquake wasn't too serious, I agree. (If it was I probably wouldn't be here today.) It's also wonderful that you got an audition and a few more casting calls! Always a wonderful thing to have in the acting business, hope you get the part. It's also good that your car still runs too! Leave them for too long and then they stop running unfortunately.

    Hopefully we won't have a serious eathquate anytime soon.

  2. Too cool..I'm sorry I missed the epicenter!! Bummer..
    You'll love some of the aftershocks! Next time when one hits, if you can, stand straight,("parade rest" stance or you'll fall down) look at the ceiling and close your eyes. You'll start to get that weird feeling that you're on the ocean slightly being swayed, then you might be light-headed and dizzy for a couple of hours. Try it! It's fun! Oh, also watch the pool water, last quake sent a quarter of the water sloshing out. No one can deal it out like Mother Nature!