Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Dentist thinks I'm Rugged

So life can't be all bad.

I managed to chip a front tooth a few days ago. Not in a barroom brawl. Not in a spectacular wipeout on my bike. But biting a nail. (I do not bite my thumb at you, Sir, but I do bite my thumb)


Anyway, being that my body is my product, I swiftly arranged a session to assess damage and effect repair. The dentist informed me that 'replacing' the chip would require further tooth removal to provide space for the foundation and was thus ill-advised. A simpler procedure is to sand down the jagged edge - with an exceptionally small sandpaper disc attached to a very large sounding motor. Quite a tool. In artistic hands, one could whittle delicate wooden ornaments for friends and family. In my own hands, I could probably remove a cranium.

My own.

Fortunately, the good dentist had good skill and I am left with a smoothed-off tooth that looks little different from how it was before my digit nibbling fiasco. After the 15 second 'operation', I felt compelled to express why I wanted my teeth to look decent, reminding him that I'm an actor. To which my dentist replied: "Ah, but you've got character. You look rugged!"

I allowed myself a little smile. Yes, indeed. I have got character.

And more than that.

I am rugged!


  1. Hey, at least he didn't say creepy.

    But do we get a picture to judge the tooth for ourselves?

  2. Why is it that dentists always insist on removing teeth? You walk in and that is the first thing they talk about.

    Anyway, at least he didn't say you were freaky or creepy... Now I really know not to bite my nails anymore.

  3. Way to go "Sampson"!!

  4. Rugged is hott! I second the notion for a picture of said tooth.

  5. Wonderful, your fan base is sliding to the creepy side. But for all us hardcore fans, please wear the dead recycled wig that is bad imitation of a moustache. But I digress. Thumb gnawing aside, you subconciously want teeth like Buscemi... your morbid side is trying to break free. Will you fight or set it free? :)

  6. Hey guy, how's it shaking down there? Heard L.A. just had a 5.4 earthquake hit, felt it all the way over in Las Vegas! Woo hoo... Get your fins and goggles as L.A. falls into the ocean.... I was wondering... do mustaches float???

    :) ha ha.

  7. Yup, rugged is definitely hot! And having a complete set of teeth is sexy. Life isn't bad (like what you've said), especially when you're spending every second of it trying things, taking risks, and even going to your dentist, for instance. =)