Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hold on... I think I got it

I was put on hold again for the 3rd time in 2 months and can report I did in fact book this gig. Hooray. Working on a new show called The Middleman in a largely off-camera role. I am playing, wait for it, a puppet. But not any puppet, mind you. An demonically possessed ventriloquist's dummy.

Thankfully I won't be made up to look like a puppet, nor will I be wearing a puppet suit. I will merely be providing the puppet's creepy voice. That is, until the puppet goes POOF and turns into the very creepy person possessing it - me. So, I can scratch off another creepy role. This time I even have a creepy moustache and creepy hair. (Though, on someone else, I'm sure the moustache would look just fine)

At my warddrobe and make-up test the other day, I discovered that my look had to match the wooden dummy's.

Hopefully my performance won't...


  1. Hi Gideon..emailed you years ago and you were so kind to email me back..such a talented actor...and I've enjoyed anything I have been able to see you in. Perhaps I will be able to see the creepy puppet at some point. I'm anonymous because I'm too stupid to figure out this posting, but my name is Carrie. The end...thank you.

  2. Puppets are creepy enough without even being a demonically possessed puppet.

    At any rate, congrats on the gig! Is it a TV show or a movie? If it's a TV show, it sounds like it may be multiple episodes?

  3. Hurray for the demonically possesed puppet! They will foever haunt people's dreams. The Middleman is a show on ABC isn't it? Or was it ABC Family...?

    Anyway, congrats on getting the gig Gid! I'm happy for you. I'll be sure to catch the demonic puppet in action.