Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Sausage for the Creep

Well I just heard that I didn't get my sausage. I have been released from my hold and am free to roam about the cabin. Bit of a let down, but then again - the role was described as a "spiritual person", not a seedy lowlife. Tomorrow, however, I have a casting for a "wiry creep in his 30s".

I don't wanna upset any fellow actors here, but don't bother showing up guys. This one's mine.

Step aside, Buscemi. Watch your back, Bacon.

There's a new creep in town...


  1. Nice bit of blood there. Did they smack you upside the head with a large frozen sausage instead?

  2. Immaculate picture that's creepy in a good way. A Patrick Bateman sort of creepy.