Friday, June 27, 2008

George Lucas Paid My Rent

It's not every day one gets to say that. I received a check in the mail yesterday for some recent voice work for a Star Wars series and it was almost exactly the amount of my rent. Seeing as I will be using it for the rent, I figured I can say that George Lucas will, in fact, pay my rent for July. Pretty cool.

On a side note, I haven't heard anything from my latest creep casting (with me being the creep - not the casting person). I figure I have creepy down to a fine art now, so I don't think I was lacking in that department. In fact, I fear I may be a little too creepy. This character is supposed to be a normal, regular guy until the reveal later in the show that he's a predator. It's possible I may have been too creepy. The wrong kind of creepy (is there a right kind?). Creepy-from-the-moment-I-walked-in-the-room kind of creepy.

Of course, my creep factor (or CF, as I like to call it) may be off the charts. If Barack Obama has a CF of 1 (very low), Steve Buscemi is probably a 9. I'm an 11. And it's not just in the casting office. On my best days, I don't think I get any lower than a 6 on the CF - and that's still pretty darn creepy for your local Starbucks. I may be stuck playing creeps for life. My CF is too high for most cable shows, and definitely eliminates me from anything on daytime TV. I'm not safe off-camera, either. My last voice booking was playing a creep!

Well, I better run. Thanks, George, for paying the rent. I gotta run out to the hardware store now. I need an extension cord for my voice booth and a couple tools to try fix my faulty CF.

It's stuck in the ON position...


  1. You're not really a creep. You just play one on TV.

  2. I don't understand this whole creep thing. You're too good looking to be the creep!

    So it's the new animated Clone Wars movie you're gonna be in, right? Are you allowed to tell us who you're gonna be in it? I am SO psyched that you're in that movie!

  3. I definitely think you have the creep factor going on and have Buscemi beat in the looks department. Has anyone looked at his teeth? gross. Maybe you are too clean cut, but that's when makeup comes in. You would make a great serial killer. :)

  4. Your CF can be pretty high up there when you want it to be. In Moonlight, I thought that the CF was quite high. I actually had to look outside before I could go to sleep. Although I'm sure your not creepy in real life. I actually find a lot of your roles to be quite comical at times, and I would like to think that the funny roles are more like Gideon Emery than the creepy ones.

    As for Buscemi I always see him as more comedy that creep, so I should think there is not real threat there. Besides you have good looks on your side. If I were going to be killed by a mass murderer or creep, I'd prefer them to be visually pleasing to the eye. You really would make a fantastic serial killer, I agree. ;)
    I can't wait to see the new Clone Wars. I saw the preview for it when I went to the movies a last week. Thinking back, I saw the cast list for it not long ago on and I didn't see you. How sad. If you are indeed doing voices for that movie, that is all the more reason for me to see it.
    Oh and how's the faulty CF doing?