Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Yes, but I'm not a professional dancer!

"Cape of Good Hope" opened in New York in November and is released in LA on the 16th of December. (It'll be at the Laemmle Sunset) Laura Kern of the New York Times called it "a genuine uplift of a film", which sounds like it would make a good bra. Roger Ebert found it "wonderful!", which is wonderful, except that his critical buddy Roeper didn't agree, saying it wasn't enough like "Crash". (Maybe that's because it's a different movie.) I guess that means it get's "one thumb up". Which isn't exactly "2 thumbs down", but not quite "2 thumbs up". And there was I thinking they were ALL thumbs...

It was good to see lead Debbie Brown and fellow actor David Isaacs at the Q+A screening on Wilshire recently. They made the long haul from Vancouver and Cape Town, respectively. I made the long haul from the Valley. Respect.

At the Q+A, director Mark commented that Debbie didn't have a dance background, but I did. I was concerned from Day 1 that he thought I really was a dancer, as he had me improvising a tango lesson (!!!) before the scene started. Now I'm convinced. (Does that mean he thinks I'm a crap actor?) No matter - it means he liked the dance. Or at least found it authentic. Oh yeah - I'm a tango teacher in the movie, if you hadn't guessed. And yes, we BOTH worked our asses off to get the moves down. When they cutaway to the precision of those toned and taut legs and feet, they're OUR legs and feet, thank you very much!

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