Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm Going to San Bernardino

I set off for San Bernardino last week and turned my MP3 player on. It's always set to random shuffle and, incredibly (or so I thought), started playing a track called "Boom, Like That" by Mark Knopfler. Incredible, because it's a random play from a possible 800-odd songs AND the opening lyric is "I'm going to San Bernadino". But hey - that's my life: full of synchronicity. Most of the time it has zero significance beyond my own desperate desire for it to be just that - significant. Don't even get me started on my 72 thing. It's out of control. WAY out of control.

But my post, the real reason behind my post is this fabulous sign I snapped in the aforementioned San Bernie. Made me chuckle as I stood outside a rundown old restaurant alongside the tracks in the middle of nowhere. Well, it wasn't nowhere really. It was San Bernardino, of course. But if it weren't for the directions on my map telling me that this place was indeed on the map, I could have sworn it wasn't...

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