Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keep Smiling Just Don't Let Me Catch You

I like order. Without order, there is chaos. I firmly believe that. It doesn't mean I enjoy setting rules and forcing others to abide by them. (Though I can't abide those that don't) I simply feel - no, KNOW, that my life runs smoother when I have an ordered system in place. Call me anal. You won't be the first.

So I had a good chuckle last week, when faced with this sign: Stop. (Just don't stop.) Ridiculous. You'd think someone would realize the absurdity of a sign telling you to do something that is clearly in direct conflict with another. It's like those wonderful (no) parking signs around LA, which prohibit parking during certain times without a permit. Then there's another sign which limits your stay during the times you don't need a permit. And yet another another sign which prevents you from parking at ANY time.

Now I understand that the Traffic Department can change it's mind. What I can't understand is why Joe Maintenance Man leaves all the previous signs up, when he posts the new one that makes them all redundant!

Speaking of rule compliance, why is it that the police (and traffic police) don't have to abide by the very rules they enforce? This week I watched a patrol car narrowly avoid running over a cyclist, because the officer was pulling forward and attempting to make a right turn from the left lane AND while the light was red. No siren, no flashing lights. Just one nearly dead cyclist.

Regularly I see cop cars parked at expired meters outside coffee shops, while parking police park in the red or (my pet peeve), turn randomly without signalling. I want to print my own traffic tickets and issue them to cops. That'll teach them. Naturally, I'll be on my bike in order to make a swift and sneaky getaway.

Unless I get run down by a cop, of course.


  1. (Another odd timed post! Well, for me anyway. I was just ranting about "Cops" and enforcing their own laws earlier today...)

    THANK YOU GID! I have been asking that question about cops for years. It is nice to know that I am not the only one annoyed by it. Haha. I had a similar incident with a cop about an hour ago actually. I am driving behind a cop trying to get out of a small parking lot for a public park. He stops right in front of me and blocks the entire lane two feet from the actual exit. He had no reason to block traffic other than "He felt like it..." What the hell!?
    If you ever do create your own tickets for cops Gid, I will be more than happy to help you give them out. haha. I'll use the unsuspecting Toyota! That car is stolen far to often anyway. -_- I'll finish giving out tickets, walk into 7/11 for a drink, walk back out and find an empty space where my car used to be. I have been giving a few tickets/comically rude notes to people who insist on taking two parking spaces instead of one. Might as well give a few to cops while I am at it.

    As for the signs! haha! The signs are the very reason I hardly ever go to L.A. anymore! I have theory though... They keep the old signs up to confuse you into going to the parking structures or lots (whatever is closer), thus having you pay them $10 - $12 to park in their city! An ingenious diabolical scheme for more bloody Capital! Makes sense right? XP Ugh, I have to go and vent now. Damn you L.A. county police!

  2. Bree, it sounds like you could use some of these I Park Like An Idiot bumper stickers.

  3. I could use some of those. ;) If I had some, I would have used at least today. -_- I will have to buy some when I get the spare change. haha! Thanks!