Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beards and Beds

I have only one of each. But that's clearly one too many.

After waking up with a stiff back for months, I finally decided I should visit the chiropractor. I did consider a trip in June, but the thought of spending hundreds of $$$ put paid to that idea. More accurately, it was put to bed. My bed. My fancy 8-month old pillow-top bed. I had a suspicion that it was too soft and now it's confirmed. For the best part of a year I've been buggering up my back. Fabulous. I have to buy a new mattress. I suppose I could have replaced the mattress myself, avoided the chiro and saved myself 50%.

On a lighter note (that damn mattress takes 2 to tango), I am still with beard. I realize "with beard" is not quite the same as "with child", but it has a couple of similarities. Firstly, everyone can see it and secondly, everyone feels compelled to say something.

"Ooh, you need a shave" (yup)
"What's that for?" (my face? christmas? your mom?)
"Beards are stupid" (yes, i suppose they are)

The hair is for the movie I just wrapped, of course and I'm waiting for clearance. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep it looking neat, but it's still a little scraggly. I'm just not a hairy kinda guy. I'm also compelled to toy with the damn thing. I catch myself stroking it like a little puppy. Once in a while I even feed it. (Though not intentionally) A friend said I looked like a mountain man when he saw me. Thing is, I don't have any mountain man gear. No flannel shirt. No dungarees. No axe.

My beard isn't even a decent disguise. Only yesterday, a woman said I looked like Denis Leary. I've never seen Denis with a beard, but I guess if he had one, he'd look like me. On the upside, she did day I was better looking. Take that, Mr Leary.

Well, I'd better be off. Have an audition to prep - crazy guy who thinks he's turning into a monster. And after that, it's a choice between Neil from Leeds Mattress and "you're killing me, Larry". I might go for Neil. Larry seems like a violent guy. I could probably take him, but what with the cumbersome beard and bad back...


  1. Hey now, that's no fair! You're posting about your appearance, and reactions to, but you're not giving your poor fans a picture to judge for themselves...

  2. Yuck Beards are horrible.
    They are itchy, As my nan had one, and I used to hate to give her a kiss, lol.
    but there are benefits you do not have to buy breakfast every day. Sorry that was gross.
    >>>>> Back from bathroom after barfing, rofl.
    Change of subject: About mattresses you should try a Tempur one, I do not know if they do them in America, but they mould to your body,
    (Lovely) Tempur mattresses that is!
    Well I have waffled enough for now.
    Good luck with all your Auditions. xx
    Now that I have grossed everyone out...

  3. *shakes head at dreamaker* That was hilarious and true if your not used to it. XD
    I saw you last week Gid (exactly last week actually). You didn't look too bad in my opinion. Although I am not going to deny that I think you look better clean-shaven. ;)

    o.0 On the mattress subject... I find our topics and trains of thought very uncanny. I was just talking with my father about getting new mattresses an hour ago. No joke.
    Anyway, Simmons mattresses are pretty good too. I have connections, and get their mattresses out of the factory. XP Although I still have to pay for it *darn*, but not as much as they are in a store *whoo*. (What an estimate? :P Anyone?) After learning my teacher's version of "Spanish Panic" for Once Upon A Mattress (haha! Mattress!), I could use a decent mattress that doesn't kill me as well. My partner is not lift compatible and actually dropped me once. :( *touches bruise on left side* Ow... All this talk of mattresses has made me more tired than I already was.

    Break a leg at auditions Gid! (Not literally, of course.) Hope your back feels better by then. ^_^
    Cyber-hug! lol

  4. Its all true Bree.
    By the way Bree, I think your videos are great on u tube.
    Keep up the good work. xx

  5. Oh, thank you so much Dreammaker! ^_^
    It is always nice to know that people enjoy my little hobby. Being somewhat of a performer myself, I am never satisfied with my work. XD But I never save a video unless I was fairly satisfied with it. Ugh, That last video I made for you, Gid, was an absolute killer ( I spent about a week on that project 0.o). That was the second most challenging video I have ever made, believe it or not. I love Sting but sometimes it is difficult to make music videos with his songs. lol

    If anyone needs any editing done, you know who to contact. (And I do it for free! :D) I will work heart and soul to finish to the best of my abilities.

    (I am still more than happy to help you with showreels Gid! Just ask. ^_^)

  6. You'd make a kick-ass pirate! Unlike that dude that's playing Crusoe. Tell your agent to land you a spot as a pirate! Wait... I'll keep that fantasy to myself! LOL

  7. You know you need a new mattress when...
    1. You lay in bed, feel a spring pop, and you drop into the very core of you mattress.
    2. You wake up in the morning with back and neck problems. (points to Gid)
    3. When you sit on your bed and can feel the box spring under your butt.
    (and my personal favorite -_-)
    4. You wake up in the morning and find random bruises on your body. (I don't know if anyone else has that problem. lmao. It is funny when people think I am being abused at home. "No, it is just my mattress.")
    Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me with something Gid. Random, but it will only take a second (just an information recall really). Do you know anything about "Larrgo Modeling & Talent, Inc." (or "LMT" as they introduced themselves)? They left a massage on my cell phone about a "referral." (I am curious as to who referred me.) I can't find anything on the internet other than another client. I thought if anyone might be able to help, it might be you... I don't know who else to ask that I haven't already.

    When it comes to roles... I could see you playing one of the really intelligent villains in a movie, Gid... Think a mix between the Joker and Hans Gruber from Die Hard. Insane, smart, and funny but defiantly better looking. ;) A pirate isn't bad either though. :P

    Best wishes,
    - Bree