Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dogs And Cats Living Together

I've been wondering how the credit crunch is going to affect things on the ground. I'm not retiring anytime soon and I'd be lying if I said I had big investments to worry about. So, what changes can I expect in my life?

Well, if the State Treasurer is to be believed, a great many. Apparently, in addition to being $1b in debt for the first quarter of this fiscal year, California will run out of cash on the 29th. That's right. In less than 3 weeks, the State will lose the ability to pay its bills. As I understand it, that means all State-run agencies will cease to function, either immediately or within weeks. No public transport (like there is any), no trash removal, no cops, no nurses, no water, no electricity, no traffic lights, no elevators. As Bill Murray put it in Ghostbusters: "dogs and cats living together".

On the upside, there won't be any parking cops, either. That means I can park anywhere and ignore the meter. Woohoo! Who cares if I can't bathe and have to climb 8 flights to see my agent? I can park in the loading zone all day and no-one can stop me.

Sure, there'll be gunfights in the street, robberies on horseback, Rodeo Drive will burn and I'll be knee deep in sewage. But I'll be happy. Like Cool Hand Luke, I'll be smiling...


  1. I knew we were in bad shape but, we might go bankrupt by the 29th!? o.0 With that being said, what makes headline news? Nothing about a financial crisis, but O.J going to jail for life. *laughs* "Could the juice go to jail for life?" Did you hear that last Thursday Gid? Priceless.
    The upside for CA running out of cash: the cops are getting on my nerves... I guess that is not such a bad thing if they dissipate for a while, they never do their job anyway. As for public transportation... you sit and wait for a bus for an hour and a half when it is suppose to come "every half hour." Foothill Trans. Bus 281 *cough* Don't care if they p*ss off for a while either. Parking will be awsome! I can actually park near the spot I want to go to. Wow!

    *Laughs* Love the picture by the way. That will be me when the trash piles up. I still have time though, I live on the second story of the apartment complex! hehe. When/If all this happens I will be the one exclaiming at the top of my lungs, "See! I warned you! But did you listen? No! It's just a harmless little Texan isn't it!?" *I know I modified the line ;)*

  2. ??? Did you know that at one time, not to long ago, California was the third largest economy in the world? But then of course, at that time, we weren't paying to support professional couch potatoes, and paying for private citizens to have sex changes in San Francisco. makes me ill to realize that last year, I paid out over $28,000 in taxes, and I'm not counting sales tax, property tax, or income tax, and yet CA still whines about what it can't afford. (This is where The Magicians Owl starts pulling out feathers in frustration.) Is it a wonder that I may go bald before I turn 36 on Christmas? LOL
    "You can't go home again, but you can shop there!" ;)

  3. I hear you. I'm ready for a Mad Max / Road Warrior seemingly post-apocalyptic future. Just be sure you have a pile of guns so you can negotiate all the fuel and water you'll be needing.