Tuesday, August 7, 2007

He sounds almost life-like!

So I'm finally on the home stretch of the Train shoot. Only a few days left. Tomorrow I film my death scene. Buckets of blood, I tell you. In the meantime, a telephonic interview I did for South African website TVSA just posted online, to coincide with the SA screening of the 24 episode I'm in. It's a playable or downloadable podcast, which means you can just click on the pic of me and enjoy 10 minutes of my warbling on about life in LA and how I got the gig opposite Jack Bauer. Strictly for the committed fans I imagine, but nevertheless here's the link to the TVSA interview.

I sound more South African in this soundbite than I ever did back home. Strange that, but I think that's what LA-LA land does to a foreigner - makes him/her desperately try to assert some sense of identity. Funny.

That's all from Sofia. More news soon...

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  1. Buckets of blood is really the only honorable way to go out in a horror flick. Good job. ;)