Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just another bloody day at the office

Shooting is coming along nicely here in Sofia, despite a heatwave that has seen temperatures soar up to the mid 40sC (>110F). It's made a few members of the crew a little light headed and giggly. Which is probably preferable to violent outbursts with heavy metal piping.

This is me near my trailer. No, not the crate in the background, although it does look somewhat similar. My bloody look is just the start of what happens. There are some truly horrific moments in the film which, being a horror, there should be. Equally scary is some of the food we have encountered. The perennially popular "shopska salad" seems like a safe bet, until it arrives; a mountain of grated white cheese smothering (one hopes) a few tired lettuce leaves.

Doing my best to embrace the culture, I have also partaken of a popular local drink of sour milk/yoghurt with a delicate sprinkling of dill. It's definitely an acquired taste served, as it is, at room temperature (read: warm). The people are great, but one would do well to learn some Bulgarian, as few locals speak English. I've learned enough to order a cheese and tomato sandwich, coffee, ice for my soda (which doesn't come unless requested), and the obligatory bill please, thank you, good day and good night.

And with that I shall bid you leka nosht!


  1. Though it may seem like a horror story to you, getting on a train with a bunch of college guys in spandex doesn't sound bad at all! I guess you have to be attracted to men to appreciate that fact.

    Try not to get yourself killed during the first half hour of the film ok?

  2. Seriously, for a second there, I thought "OH MY GOD! What the hell happened?!" Then I remembered, "Oh yeah. Actor. Acting. Riiiight...."

    Another entry with truly witty and entertaining commentary. I do enjoy witty commentary. ^_^