Friday, July 6, 2007

The Train is at the Station

I find myself in Sofia, Bulgaria, about to shoot a movie called Train. It's a horror set in Bulgaria (funny that), that centers around a college wrestling team who inadvertently board the wrong train. A train to hell. Or something like that. I play the coach's assistant, who knows nothing about wrestling. Quite fitting really, as I know absolutely nothing about wrestling, too.

It's a beautiful country to fly over, and as charming and gritty as Prague or Slovenia. Can't say much more, as I've only been here a couple hours. But will report more when it happens.

Oh yeah - that's the view from my bedroom. Not half bad...


  1. Lovely view, indeed. I've only ever been to France in Europe, and I'd love to go back. C'├ętait magnifique! ^_^

    Filming a movie, huh? How exciting! But, how do you assist a wrestling coach if you don't know anything about wrestling...?

  2. The view is lovely...enjoy the shoot.

  3. Well you've probably tried the food by now. How many varieties of cabbage and smoked pork have you had?