Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to Work

..or looking for work. Yes, I'm back in LA at last. Haven't missed not driving for 5 weeks - it's convenient having a driver. Very convenient. Reduced stress. You can drink without the fear of being pulled over. Funnily, most taxi drivers in Bulgaria drive with a little plastic cup - of espresso. Love it. They'll come to a traffic light and have a little sip. I could be a taxi driver too, if the coffee's good. I would need a sound proof partition for my passengers, though - I can't stand back seat drivers. Nor do I enjoy laughter. From anyone. I always think they're laughing at me. Which makes me rather angry. And potentially violent. And if I kill or maim a client, I may lose my taxi license and there goes my dream gig right there.

Also my neck's a little stiff today. Not sure if I could handle all the craning around to look at Jeff and Janet as they dig for their change in oversized leather bags. While they giggle and snort. I hate snorting. I snort too, on occasion. That's not good. I've grown less and less fond of Jeff the more I think about him. Janet's a little better. But not much.

Speaking of soundproofing, here's a snap of my home studio. Because I clearly have nothing of any import to impart. I like my mic. I like it more than Jeff.


  1. The mic is nice...who's Jeff..and how come I never realized you were "Just another British South African US resident alien actor in LA" before..maybe it's because your post sound American to me.. :)

  2. Gid, listen to your interview podcast... fun to hear about what it was like!! Enjoy being back in Hell-A... some of us wouldn't MIND being there too...