Friday, May 11, 2007

The costmer is always right?

Its sad when you have to say goodye to a loved one. I love my car, but not so much after my local mechanic, Sam, quoted me $890 for repairs. I said I didn't have 890 bucks to spend - what was most urgent? "well, it's all urgent". Wonderful, I said. What's the MOST urgent? I can pay you for the most urgent part of that yummy lumpsum, or go somewhere else. I'm sure you can find one thing to fix. Sam gave it some thought, and managed to russle up $188 for 2 radiator hoses, antifreeze and labor.


I just knew he could rise to the challenge.

Best of all, I now have a concise report of what repairs are outstanding:

"ECT sensore is foulty. Engine mount are came af part advise. The costmer."

I kid you not. Now, I don't know what to be more concerned about - Sam's grammar or his scare tactics. The engine mounts "are came af part"? Pretty scary stuff. Also, that's past tense, isn't it? This already happened, so my engine must be lying on a stretch of tarmac on Ventura Blvd somewhere. Meanwhile, my car is still driving. Not bad. No engine = no emissions, right? I may have the first inadvertant hybrid. Shoot, I'm beyond hybrid. I don't need ANY gas to power a car with no engine. Think of the money I'm going to save. Cool! I'm feeling pretty darn peachy now.

On a side note, last week AT&T offered Emery Gidoen the oportunity to switch to their new improved telephone service. Sounds great. If I come across Mr Gidoen, I'll certainly pass the info along...


  1. Hahahah This blog was a funny one. I'll keep a look out for this Mr Gidoen as well. If he is anything like you Mr. Gideon, he is a great man.

    I have sent another message through youtube. Check it out if you ever get the chance. :P

    I am glad you are beginning to post a lot! Thanks for letting your fans know how you are doing. :)

  2. HAHA! Oh man, that had me in stitches. What does "are came af part" even mean? How the English language has fallen... -_-