Monday, September 18, 2006

The Sex Drive is Up

A fabulous little short I acted in (and by little I mean REALLY small) is now online for viewing. Damon Berry's "Sex Drive" is a great piece with clever dialogue about a woman asking for directions to love. You can check it out at New York Minute Film Festival. Just click on the title, Sex Drive, and away you go.

Also look out for Digby Young's inspired "Land of Opportunity" - a witty take on life in SA. Bear in mind when you're watching, that both films were shot in one continuous, uninterrupted take AND went from filming to completion within 24 hours! Quite an achievement I think.

Do have a visit when you get a chance. They're short files and take hardly any time to load. Also, this is a competition and voting opens soon, so, if you're delighted by them, please vote for our efforts and tell a friend!

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