Monday, August 8, 2005

Number 1

British based Bond fansite, Mi6, interviewed me recently about voicing the character of Number 1 (aka Blofeld) for the video game Goldeneye: Rogue Agent. Dunno why anyone would be interested, but nice to know someone is! It was a great gig, especially since it was matching a character I'd grown up with (so to speak- I'm not completely insane, thank you). Mi6 Interview.


  1. Sean Connery was my favorite Bond, but I haven't been to the theater since For Your Eyes Only. Roger Moore wasn't in that movie you're talkin' about, was he? Let me know, I might go rent it if he was. Hang in there. You sound like a great actor, even if I never heard of you before.

  2. This was actually just a game. Maybe one day... But thanks for the nice comments!