Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's not Dirty - It's Castle Clean!

Have been a bit lax on updates, as I've been working in Prague for the past 2 weeks. Beautiful as always. Can't talk about the project, except to say the people were great.

I walked the cobbled streets till my feet ached, ate like a king, drank way too much red wine, learned a smattering of Czech and Russian, saw the most beautiful old buildings, beautiful young women and enough marionette puppets to start a small wooden army.

Thanks to Inna, Ivan, James, Igor, Sasha, Chris, Jamey, Scott, David, Otto, Craig, Tomas, Humphrey, Larry#1, Larry#2 and everyone else for making the mayhem memorable.

In the movie of life, may you never hear hear "stoplisme"!

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