Sunday, August 7, 2005

Cape of Good Hope has a US Release!

South African-set feature film Cape of Good Hope has a US release this september, which is great news. Typically SA films die a death in Hollywood, as did Stander, which didn't make it past it's opening weekend. However, Cape is less a political statement, and more of a story about people struggling against the odds. Kind of a South African "Short Cuts" for want of a better analogy. A bunch of stories, dramatically woven together with a measure of humour.

I play the tango teacher, Miles, which was a fun, slightly camp exercise. It took us (me and good friend Debbie Brown) ages to get the wretched dance down and the footage is cut in such a way it could be another couple's legs anyway! I think the director thought I was really a dancer and not an actor, as he had me improvising dance instruction (aaargh!) for a few minutes before the other character entered. Looking at the poster now, I don't recall a Vespa in the movie at all, let alone Debbie and her girlfriends scooting about... Anyway, if you get the chance, go see it - the performance are really strong and Debbie kicks ass!

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