Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'll Have the Baby Back Ribs with a Side of Beethoven

We're well into the new year and I figured I should post a blog. At least something. Haven't thought of anything remotely interesting to write about, but to be fair, that hasn't stopped me before. And dammit, it won't stop me now!

New Year's was pretty low-key. I managed to see it in, despite my better wishes. My aim was to get blotto, but, seeing as I was driving, blotto was put on hold. Better. My snowboarder-wannabe ribs are bruised but not broken. But I have a new ailment to add to the list - tinnitus. After parking my car in a garage yesterday, a truck drove by and set off another car's alarm. It went off about 10 feet away at such a shrill pitch, that by the time I got home my one ear was ringing. As if I'd been to a concert. Just the left ear, mind you. As if I'd spent the entire concert less concerned with the band, and more interested in the person sitting to my right. Or perhaps I had to delicately sit on my right bum cheek, as the left was too bruised from a recent snowboarding trip. (Not that I'd know anything about that)

Anyway, my rib continues to make its presense felt. My back reminds me each morning that I need a new mattress and I may be going deaf in one ear. But otherwise, all is good. I'm thinking of writing a concerto. Unfortunately, the only note I can hear is a persistent, incessant E. No jokes- I tested this on my pitch pipe - it is a definate E! I was chatting to my mega-talented musician friend, KARMA, and she told me that a great deal of music is written in the key of E, so that's good, I suppose.

Auditions have started up. I went in for Lost yesterday and have one for 90210 on Monday. Just in case you thought a new year brings new opportunities, I will put your mind to rest. The 90210 character is described as having "a creepy presense". Phew. For a moment there, I bet you thought I'd cracked a normal role.

Must run off now. Gonna be a busy day. Haven't been creepy for a few weeks. Need to brush up. Plus, I have sheet music to buy and a wig to powder...


  1. Aw. Poor Gid. All messed up right now aren't you? Glad to hear that you are still in once piece. :D Mattress still giving you trouble? I sure hope you mattress doesn't become abusive like mine. o.0 When you mattress gives you bruises... that is bad.

    *slams head on the computer desk at the mention of 90210* I thought that show the first time around was bad enough. At least the character is creepy. ;) Lost is a good show though. Hope you get one of them. Break a leg on Monday.

    (Unrelated message: Oh, and thanks for helping me get my creative spark back! :D I saw La Belle Dame Sans Merci and I instantly got a music video idea centered around The Knight and The Lady. That may have been a 15 min. film but... Wow, it was amazing. Wonderful message too.)

    Go out and scare people for me tomorrow. XP

  2. Good luck with the auditions!

    C'mon, Gid, you can tell us... what happened while you were snowboarding? You know we'd be laughing *with* you, and not *at* you... :P