Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Merry

After spending the day out and about on Christmas Eve, thanks in part to the water being turned off, I returned home after a splendid late lunch of Shepherd's pie and baked beans (with HP sauce of course), followed by rhubarb pie with custard. As I entered the apartment, I was hit by a stink. A rotting kind of stink. Following my nose (an easy thing to do) I discovered that my bathroom was flooded and my bath was full of dark brown water. Since I had left the taps turned off, the foul smelling fluid had come up from the pipes below. Delish!

After an hour trying to empty the bath and unblock it, I realised it was futile. The blockage is severe and using any water in the basin only bubbles up to fill the bath as well. But I didn't call a plumber on Christmas Eve, nor will I today, when they'll no doubt charge a (more) exhorbitant sum, which the absent manager will undoubtedly refuse to pay.

NOTE: Had to stop writing this entry to start bailing water again, as my upstairs neighbor was having a shower and my bath started filling up! No doubt I will have to do the same when the neghbor 2 floors up has HIS shower.

The moral of today's story, is be thankful you're not near me. Cos I stink. Have a wonderful day, whatever you do. And may the New year bring love, laughter, passion and reward!

Whoa - gotta go. My bath is filling up again - I kid you not. Now I need to decide whether or not to risk going out to Christmas lunch and have my place flooded. Grrr. At least the water's warm...


  1. Well... that is a fabulous "gift" isn't it? I'm sorry to hear that Gid. *thinks* I guess you could be a little happy that you don't have to worry about the kitchen sink too....... or do you? o.0
    I plan to go to L.A. in about an hour. I would bring you something but that involves meeting me somewhere to give it to at which point the apartment may flood. Hmmm...Hey you could order pizza and when they ask the address say "follow the stench." XP

    Hope that gets taken care of soon. I also hope you don't have neighbors like my father. He takes his showers at three in the morning. >.<

    - Bree

  2. I'm sorry, I must have passed my Christmas curse on to you. I'm generally a scrooge, because things like that seem to happen to me on Christmas. I've spent as many years unplugging toilets on Christmas as I had believing in Santa Claus. Unfortunately, I'm not exaggerating (yet my parents refuse to replace their toilet). I also have a 200 mile drive back home, which brings it's own share of gusting winds, floods, tornadoes, ice storms, and blizzards. (Again, not exaggerating.)

    So, instead, I wish you a Merry, and dry, Day After Christmas (Boxing Day?).

  3. Holy moly that sucks! Hope you were able to make it out for Christmas dinner, and not get flooded while you were out.

    New Years has got to be better for you that Christmas...


  4. Sorry to hear that the flooding problem put a damper on your Christmas plans. Anyways, is the Christmas tree in the photo yours? If it is, nice decorating job.

    I hope you have a happy new year filled with prosperity and good cheer.

  5. Wow, Christmas in LA...(apart from the plumbing problem, bet it was fab)
    We in England are so grumpy, we complain that it's too cold and how much we have to pay for heating, and then ramble on forever about how "It used to snow in my day, every Christmas it did..". ( Maybe global warming will have its upsides...)
    Is Xmas warm in Johannesburg?
    Anyway, Merry (belated) Christmas!