Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back from the Dead

Well I'm finally back to blogging. Sorry for the long delay, but my Mac's demise set off a creative drought. So what's news? Well, for one thing, a little short I acted in, called Sex Drive (family friendly - no, really!) is a finalist in the New York Minute Film Festival. Dunno when they announce the winner/s, but here it is.

My episode of 24 aired a few weeks back and I was happy to see nearly everything made the cut - except for Keifer's turn and look to me with a "thank you". So I guess that shoulder wound proved lethal... Dammit. That'll teach me for helping Jack Bauer. When will we learn? If you're interested, you can see my Russian character on my updated showreel.

I shot 2 episodes of Passions recently. Played a prisoner who is part of a rather elaborate gender-bending misidentification plotline. Don't ask - it confused me, too. Good fun though - a great bunch of people and a REALLY fast shooting machine. We did 6 scenes in under 2 hours - that's really fast.

I aaaaaalmost filmed an episode of Greys Anatomy this week. Was on hold and then released. But good to come close - and what a show to be on! Guess I'll have to meet Izzy another time...

Oh - and I read for the role of Larry Birkhead in the Anna Nicole movie that's swung into production. They waste no time, those Hollywood producers.

And that's about it. Except to say that summer has made a triumphant return and I'm desperate to move out the Valley's heat. If I stay here much longer only 2 fates await: the outward transition to Jack Palance or porn star fluffer. Neither are terribly appealing...


  1. Hello Gideon. I'm a first time poster/commenter, I guess, but I have to tell you I absolutely love your work! First heard your voice on FF12, and then actually saw you on 24 ("Oh my god, the Russians shot Balthier" - exact quotation). Anyway, I just want to say I really admire your work. "Sex Drive" was hilarious, I totally enjoyed it. I hope that someday you'll get a spot on Grey's (another favorite of mine). You are so incredibly talented, it astounds me!

    Anyway, just posting to let you know that you have a devoted fan! Keep up the great work!

    Alexandra Van Boven
    Cave Creek, Arizona

  2. Lindsey CochranMay 3, 2007 at 4:56 PM

    You are right! It HAS been awhile for you to post! I'm sorry to hear about your computer.

    I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. I hope to see you show off more of your acting skills!

  3. Gideon,sometimes I tell myself to trust you're Balthier,Balthier is you...'cos your voice is so charming and cool...It may be very hard to image how people(like me) will fall in love with a virtual game character,but it happens.

    So,even though FFXII is not as what I've expected,your 'Balthier' worths all.Remember that?'A leading man never dies.'It's true.From now on I'll be fan of you,and...hope everything's fine!!

    Effixc Hsu