Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Nachos Gid

The creatures keep on coming. I present to you my answer to Jack Black's fabulously funny Nacho Libre.

Yes that IS me. No those are not my sideburns.

Just returned from a fantastic trip to Mexico, relaxed, stuffed and smiling. Learned to surf (-ish), something I'd never attempted before. I actually managed to stand, which was quite a rush. Nicole boogie boarded with panache. I understand now what Dominic Purcell was on about - thanks Dom.

Thanks also to our fab companions (and guides!) Lynsey & Simon, Gavin & Narissa and Marnie & Josh. Nice to know it IS possible to escape LA for a couple of days to paradise. Haven't felt this relaxed in years!

Sufficiently relaxed to put on a wrestling mask and completely lose my mind.

Like there was any of it left...

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