Friday, November 18, 2005


I had a great evening this past weekend, celebrating friend Lee-Anne's birthday. Saw old South African friend Adam Schiff for the first time in years. He's composing scores and songs for films and has material in two current movies; Just Friends and Edison. Damn fine. Also had a good chat to actors Brendan Pollecutt, Janine Eser, Simon Jones (who delighted in informing me he'd got a gig I submitted for - cheers!) and his wife Lynsey. It was a bit of an ex-pat reunion our end of the table, but very good to reminisce about Wits Drama school and good old Joburg. Also met Cliff "Mr SA" Simon, who's been sinking his teeth into a recurring "baddie" role on Stargate, which sounds like a lot of fun. Charming guy.

Update: my episode of Commander in Chief aired a few days ago. You'll be able to see a clip of it by next week - just click on the reel link on the right.

Cape of Good Hope is currently at the Angelika in New York and opens in LA later this month. I saw a poster at the Sunset Laemmle, so it's definitely there, if not elsewhere. Definitely worth a look for a slice of South Africa!

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