Monday, March 28, 2005

Today is the day - no, really

Odd weather here today. Summer is slow out of the gates. This morning was warm and sunny, then suddenly turned with icy winds promising a late PM shower. Or, in LA speak, a flood. Got a call asking for me to voice the South African trailer for new movie Drum. It was shot in SA but had a couple of imports to help sell it to international markets. Haven't seen any footage, but with the super smooth Tumisho Masha and sexy Motshidi Motshegwa on board, there are at least 2 reasons to buy a ticket. I caught Moshidi's stint on ER - all quality.

Tonight is acting class. Prepared scenes for an industry person. I am bracing myself for the Q+A and their inevitable confession that "we only deal with the top 6 agents". I wonder whether our headshots and resumes even make it to their car sometimes. Still - better to be seen performing than just a face in an envelope that may/may not be opened.

Oh- that brings me to my little thought for the day: that "today is the day". Not that anything specific or even important will happen. Simply that every day IS the day. The day that you make it. So here's to making today, and every one the follows, one that counts.

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